The mortar is the most important factor in the application. Be sure all measures are consistent and mixed thoroughly. The mortar is
used to affix SMARTROCK™ to each of the three optional sub-strates listed below .All substrates are to be primed. As Australia has
a great variance in its sand content and type, the following is a guide suitable for sand in Victoria. We are able to forward further
advice on sand type interstate.

All surfaces are to be primed.
Mix SMARTROCK™ bonding agent with cement, blend to a milky paste. Apply with brush or roller to the wall face. Best adhesion
is reached when the stone is applied whilst the primer is moist.
Standard Mortar Mix.
Use a 9 liter ( laundry bucket) as one part.
5 part washed sand, (sand is to be low in clay content).
1 part general purpose Portland cement, (colour is to be advised pending on rock type selected, refer to manufacturer).
0.5 part lime, (additional lime may be required pending on sand quality to aid workability).
3 Litres of SMARTROCK™ Bonding agent.
Colour oxide, no greater than 8.3% of cement content. Colour to be advised pending on rock selection.
Mortar is best when mixed wet similar to brickies "wet mix". Moisture is usually sucked out of the mix due to the dry cement block or
render wall . During hot conditions we recommend each rock to be dipped into a bucket of clean water, this aids in enabling the mortar
to ooze out from the back of the rock to the face. No voids are to be seen between each rock. Joints are to be fully loaded during
installation to make grouting easier and prevent moisture penetrating through to the sub-structure.
Sub -strates
Option 1.
Bracing ply
Set 90 x 45mm studs at 400mm centers.
Nail off 12mm A Bond DD, F11 ply bracing with 40mm galvanized clouts @ .150 centers.
Staple Building paper to ply brace.
(a) Using 40mm galvanized clouts, affix expanded metal lathe @ .200mm centers. All laps should be a minimum of 70mm. Corner
wraps are to be continuous. Note the correct side up in the form of the lathe, this is to aid in catching the mortar.
(b) Mortar can now be troweld over the face of the expanded metal. Be sure all area is covered. Required thickness is 5-8mm. Allow
the mortar to dry before applying SMARTROCK™.
Fibro Cement Sheet.
Please read cement sheet manufacturers specification. Fibro cement sheet manufacturer's do not warranty gluing directly onto cement
sheet. SMARTROCK™ recommends the following.
Set 90 x 45 studs @.400mm centers.
Fix F.C sheet to manufacturers specification.
Using 40mm galvanized clouts, nail expanded metal lathe at .150mm centers. Follow remaining steps in item 4 above.
Apply mortar as in step 4(b) above.
Block work - brick work - Tilt Panel. PRIME ALL SURFACES
All surfaces are to be free of bond breaker, dust, loose aggregate, grease, paint, or similar.
All surfaces are to be dry and out of a sound stable structure.
Tilt up panel - acid etch to remove all release products .Apply primer. Mechanically fix expanded metal lath at .600 centers. Follow
step 4(b)
Expansion joints
Expansion joints are to be left exposed. Do not apply SMARTROCK™ ™ over expansion joints or weep holes.
Shelf angels are to be installed at 2.400 meter maximum centers vertically.
Installation of drystack
If installing onto long run walls, a gauge of 95mm can be used. First select the cornerrock and load the back fully with mortar. Apply
it to its location by slowly rolling in to position. Ensure the excess mortar expels from behind and forms around all sides, do not wipe
off any excess mortar from the rock, it should be left to dry until biscuit-like; during this step the air in the mortar is being forced out
causing suction. Be sure the rock is set both square and level. This step must be repeated should the rock be knocked or disturbed in
any way.
Once each corner is set, a line can be strung. The flats can now be laid. Again, load the back of the rock with mortar, roll into position
keeping the rock parallel to the line and abutting up tight to the already set rock. The perp joint is to be full. Note: be sure not to nudge
the already set rock, this can cause the suction set to break. As you lay the following courses, mortar is to be spread as a bed on the top
of the prior course. Random lengths will give varied appearance, avoid laying stack bond. Install 30mm x 30mm shelf angle intocourse at centers no greater than 2.4 meters vertically.
Installation of fieldstone
Rocks are to be laid random. It is good practice to go through all crates and pre-lay out the rocks on the ground, or sizeable work bench
prior to laying; this will aid in familiarizing oneself with the rock type and size. Again, liberally apply mortar to the back of the rock,
the selection of rock is to be suited so as to compliment each other rock. Keep the rock slightly away from its proposed final position,
engage a slow rolling rotating feel working toward the position required, cease this movement once in position. Note: repositioning a
rock will require the mortar to be removed and repeat the above mentioned steps. As with all SMARTROCK™ installations, do not
wipe off or remove excess mortar, this will be modeled later into the grout finish.
Affix 20mm x 20 mm shelf angle to the wall face at centers no greater than 2.400 meters vertically. Use a four inch angle grinder to
cut a groove into the back of the stone, this will let in the angle.
Suitable for both Field & Ledgestone applications.
Installation of ledgestone
Ledge stones do have a laying sequence. You will find a large rock will be the equivalent to three small rocks in height; one medium
size rock will be the equivalent to two small sized rocks and so on. Grout lines can be made either wide or tight pending on the
required finish. Ensure rocks are laid level by chalking horizontal lines if installing over expanded metal; brick - block work will
provide mortar beds as a level guide. Use the above mentioned techniques for setting the rock.
Cutting the rock
All rocks can be cut easily with a hand held angle grinder using a masonry blade. It is recommended drystack rocks are cut square to
abut tight to its partner. Its vertical joint is to be full. Field and ledgestone can be cut in many ways so as to retain the rough irregular
edge. Cut thicker rocks by passing the blade of the grinder two thirds of the way through at the required cut off point; by tapping this
point with a brick hammer the rock will separate. It is recommended to point cut edges away from the direction being viewed, apply
mortar to this cut face. Rocks can be cut to fit with the aid of a brick hammer or trowel. SMARTROCK™ recommends safety
equipment be used whilst carrying out these procedures.
Grouting is a simple and quick procedure. It is vitally important to grout when the excess mortar is part way through its curing time.
The optimum time is when the excess grout breaks off the rock in a clean form leaving no residue behind. The use of tools such as a
Dutch Joiner, Small Tool, are suitable. Start at the bottom of the wall and work upwards methodically. Field and Ledgestone require
the mortar to be cut away cleanly to emphasize the rock shape. Any dags can be removed at this stage. Brush down the face with a
hand held straw broom. Don't use a wire brush, do not use high pressure water. Rock face is to be washed down using clean water and
soft brush once mortar is dry. Next day is optimum. Simply cover completed work with plastic to avoid further soiling.
Rock dimensions
Variety of over 40 individual rock faces.
Flats - Height 90mm
 - Thickness 45mmvariable
- Length 500mm, 450mm, 400mm, 300mm, 100mm
Corners - Internal Dimensions 90mm x 200mm
Flats - Height 150mm
 -Thickness 55mmvariable
 -Length 600mm
Corners - Internal Dimensions 100mm x 265mm
Variety of over 300 individual rocks
Both flats and corner rocks vary in diameter from 40mm up to 350mm
Thickness ranges from 15mm up to 75mm
Variety of over 300 individual rock faces.
Size variation similar to that of Fieldstone.
All rocks are packed tightly by hand on to pallets or wooden crates with foam sandwiched between each layer. The total item is then
pallet wrapped. Details of rock type, quantity, date of manufacture are displayed.
Each pallet / crate contains between 12 m2 and 15 m2 pending on rock type. Corner stones are packed in a similar way. Pallets can be
stored and transported on top of crates.
Weight - 1 m2 of SMARTROCK™ ™ weighs approximately 40kgs. (Weight varies with rock type)One pallet of SMARTROCK™ ™ weighs approximately 400kgs
Weight can be reduced up to 40% if required. This formula will increase mpa.
SMARTROCK™ will provide forklift to load truck in our yard. Pallets must be top loaded. Others are to arrange delivery and
unloading at point of destination.
Payment of sales. A minimum of 40% deposit is payable at point of sale. The remainder to be paid in full prior to stock leaving the
Goods returned. A minimum surcharge of 40% will apply on all goods returned for credit.
Cartage, transport, delivery by others.
All goods sold are subject to the SMARTROCK™ warranty, guarantee and trading terms ( if any).
All prices are subject to market fluctuation and prices charged will be those ruling at the time of sale.
It becomes the responsibility of others to ensure the structure upon which SMARTROCK™ is being installed is sufficient to sustain
the weight of the SMARTROCK™ product.
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